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Office Genie

    • Address:
    • Holdrege
    • Nebraska
    • 68949
    • Phelps County
    • United States
STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY TRYING TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF. What takes up too much of your time? What do you hardly ever get done? HAND YOUR HEADACHES OVER TO THE GENIE.

Jean Issler
Jean Issler, Office Genie

Virtual Assistance is administrative assistance not performed in your office. Office Genie works out of her own office using her own equipment and resources. Except for batch-pricing, you are charged an hourly rate only for time actually worked.

Office Genie does clerical support, business writing, resume writing, website development and maintenance, social media support and about anything your small business needs. The Genie's goal is to boost your small business forward by helping you behind the scenes.

Jean Issler has been supporting small businesses throughout her careers in education, employment services, radio clerical-advertising, and since 2009 in virtual service. Her clients include individuals, ag companies, realtors, financial advisors, manufacturers, media, nonprofit organizations, job seekers and more.

Office Genie is available for short-term projects and for monthly retainers. Nonprofits are welcome and earn a discount after maintaining a long-term relationship.

We want to support you in your goal of success in business. On the Office Genie website you will find a lengthy list of ways you can put the Genie's services to work for you.20160712_095632

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